The following Terms & Conditions are essential for all our customers.

Please ensure you have read these terms & conditions before ANY production work is started.

  1. It is the sole responsibility of the Client and/or Manufacturer to check all work with the understanding that a sample should be made using the correct fabric and machinery.
  2. It is the sole responsibility of the Manufacturer to check all work carried out by FPC / Sharon Elliott and the latter shall be expressly excluded from liability for Consequential Loss or Damage which may arise in respect of the Service or for Loss of Profit, Business Revenue plus goodwill. Any problems/issues must be notified within 10 working days.? Should any errors be caused by FPC/Sharon Elliott then these will be corrected.? Should any errors/issues be found and were due to incomplete or incorrect information from the client then any work to correct issues will be liable to the usual fees.
  3. All work will be classed as development work and such will be charged at an hourly rate.
  4. Any amendments required must be notified within 10 working days.? Should an issue /problem/error be found after this time FPC / Sharon Elliott cannot be held responsible.
  5. All size Charts must be signed and dated before submitting a paper pattern.
  6. FPC Sharon Eliott accepts NO responsibility for inaccurate grades where customers have failed to check the original pattern. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all work from FPC / Sharon Elliott has been checked BEFORE production begins. We always recommend samples to be made before production runs including where possible for suitable fit sessions to be completed where sample garments can be assessed.
  7. All production patterns should be checked signed and dated and sampled covering the full-size range before production takes place.
  8. Customer?s payment terms should be made immediately or within 7 days grace depending upon the
    discretion of FPC / Sharon Elliott.
  9. Late payment will result in an administration charge of 5%.
  10. All work remains the property and intellectual property of FPC / Sharon Elliott until invoices are paid in full.
  11. Where electronic files have been sent to the client it is assumed that the client has the sole responsibility for ensuring that [they, the client] or their manufacturers (or anyone else in the chain of design/production) has the capability to import/open said files.? Where a client finds their manufacturer cannot import or is unable or is unskilled to import/open said files then this is solely the responsibility of the client.? FPC / Sharon Elliott may offer to assist and this may incur the usual fees (especially if a third party, for example, a Gerber specialist needs to advise the client).
  12. Should any items (i.e. patterns) require posting, then there will be an additional charge for printing and postage (especially if we use recorded and signed-for delivery).
  13. Electronic files will only be sent directly to the client. Should the client request electronic files to be sent directly to manufacturers, then it is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure the correct file has been sent and that the file received is the expected file.
  14. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure they are using the correct version of electronic files.
  15. All changes, alterations, requests for work, must be in writing via email.
  16. All issues/errors/problems must be sent via email. We cannot accept responsibility for requests made over the phone.