Pattern Cutting Services

Freelance Pattern Cutter - Pattern Cutting, Grading, Marker Making, Freelance Pattern Cutting Services

Our Pattern Cutting Service is second to none.

Send us your sketches or initial patterns and we’ll send you your production pattern using CAD or manual techniques!

Our pattern cutting service turns drawings into patterns, ready for cutting. We can pattern cut from scratch, or help with alterations.

We’ll bring your drawings to life creating professional production ready patterns: produced with industry-leading CAD systems or if you prefer cut manually. Our pattern cutting service is available for garment manufacturers of any size, including boutique designers and private individuals looking to create one-off patterns.

Whether you’re starting a new line from the design phase, reworking a current range, or creating a single garment for a show or special occasion, our Freelance Pattern Cutting Services can provide the help you need.

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