How much does it cost to get a pattern made?

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How much do pattern cutters charge?

For those projects I take on I charge an hourly rate and for a pattern maker with my experience and expertise the going rate is £40.00 per hour (some pattern cutters and graders charge up to £70.00 per hour)

PATTERN MAKING – Pattern cutting prices generally range from £75 for a simple pattern, to £500 or more for a complex one. Some patterns that require more development may cost more. PATTERN DIGITISING- £40 per hour.

How do I find a Patternmaker?

The obvious place to start is online with the Freelance Pattern Cutter. I mean, you found me so there must be something to it. Check out websites and see what kind of services you need and if they match from that.

Can you hire a pattern maker?

While the upfront investment of hiring a patternmaker can seem expensive, working with a skilled patternmaker who has production experience can actually reduce your costs and save you money in other areas. A patternmaker will be able to draft your pattern so that it makes use of your fabric in the most efficient way.