Developing PDF patterns

This week, I have been working on Children’s patterns from a client based in Denmark.  They required their own patterns to be set up for PDF printing.  This service is not advertised on our website but we do this too! In order to set up the patterns we would need to digitise the patterns using the ‘I Digit’ software, to then edit the pieces in Vetigraph to make cad ready for production.  Here it is graded adding in all the sizes needed for the pattern.  It is then exported for Adobe in readiness to be worked on in Adobe Illustrator.  This is the fun part.  It takes approximately 1-2 days to turnaround, it all depends on the complexity of the pattern and the information needed on the pattern.  If you are thinking of setting up your own business or you are already supplying PDF patterns online but would like to add more designs to your library, then do get in touch for more information by going to our enquiry form or calling the number 07740 509656, we would be happy to answer your questions and offer a quote. (pictures to follow)