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Sleeve and Armhole – Pattern Re-work

original jacket

Recently, I had enquiry to re-work on their pattern to improve the fit and drape of the sleeve.  The sleeve and armhole are often a problem in the clothing industry.  I had been prepared for this assignment as it was not too long ago I had re-worked on a pattern for another client.  The jacket […]

Fitting service in London!

Last week, I was invited for a fitting in London for a well known English brand.  The company manufacture wet weather clothing for all the family, from sports to general wear. It was a very exciting day for all to review the collection and for me to finally meet the team. I was approached to […]

Pattern Design and Sample for Headscarf | Freelance Pattern Cutter

This week we created a brand new pattern and sample for a headscarf. We took the clients sample mock-up from which we created a new pattern, assessing the design we improved areas of durability adding extra strength. The pattern is ready for production but as ever we always advise creating a production sample and testing […]

Pattern Cutting Services

Freelance Pattern Cutter - Pattern Cutting, Grading, Marker Making, Freelance Pattern Cutting Services

Our Pattern Cutting Service is second to none. Send us your sketches or initial patterns and we’ll send you your production pattern using CAD or manual techniques! Our pattern cutting service turns drawings into patterns, ready for cutting. We can pattern cut from scratch, or help with alterations. We’ll bring your drawings to life creating […]